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What is nature therapy?

So what actually is Nature Therapy I hear you ask?

Its simple. Its spending time slowly and quietly enjoying the forest. That's it!

There maybe some of you, like me that are out in the forest everyday walking the dog, cycling or catching up with friends but just spending time in your own space simply noticing the sights, sounds, smells, and feel of your surroundings is something very few of us give ourselves time to do. We have to remember we evolved from nature so have an innate connection with her. This sort of therapy is scientifically proven to lower blood pressure and stress levels while improving mood and boosting the immune system and relaxing and rebalancing mind, body and soul. These benefits don't stop when you go home, they continue for up to a week I have had reports back that chronic aches and pains have eased or stopped all together. Others have been able to release a lot of emotional stresses or simply managed to cope better.

"All this from just being in nature?" I hear you ask.

Yep, and that's the point, it's about 'just being!'

So you are probably questioning why you need me there? To be honest, you don't. We are all capable of sitting in the woods somewhere, but I offer you a safe environment while taking away time and destination for you. I offer you invitations to open your senses one by one. Which of course you don't have to accept. This is YOUR journey in YOUR space. Nature will be your guide. You don't have to share your experience, because this is YOUR journey, although a lot of people feel compelled to do so and we observe social distancing rules as we find our own space because (yes you've guessed it) its YOUR journey.

This is suitable for all fitness levels as this walk covers less than 2 miles in 2 hours.

There are still spaces available for Friday evening Nature therapy so contact me to make a booking or go to the nature therapy page for more details.

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