n E W  f O R E S T  n A T U R E  A N D  n U r T U R E

e X P E R I E N C E  D A Y 

Experience nature and nurture in the new forest in one day!

What will be invovled?

I will guide you through a day of relaxation, reiki or Rahanni, guided walking and nature therapy in the heart of the new forest. 

Example timetable (agreed in advance to meet your needs and tailored to you):

10.00 - I will welcome you where you can relax in the quaint, picturesque forest garden and contemplation area, where I will offer you a refreshment and we will discuss the plan for the day. 

10.30 - lay back and enjoy a 1 to 1 Reiki or Rahanni session to help rebalance and relax, then spend a little time alone to watch the garden wildlife and contemplate while the second Reiki session is being carried out.

12.00 - Lunch. I will provide a homemade vegetarian soup and fresh bread, but if you have other dietary requirements or prefer something else please provide your own lunch.


13.00 -Guided walk and  Nature therapy - We will head out into the forest for a walk where I will answer your questions about wildlife, nature and the working forest, we will then find a destination where I will step aside and invite you to allow Mother nature to awaken your senses one by one to your surroundings and simply feel deeply at peace in her company. 

We will then have a snack and refreshment on the forest before continuing the guided walk.

16.00 - Sending you on your way relaxed, refreshed and rebalanced with memories of a wonderful day in the beautiful New Forest. 

Price per person - £65. (This experience is ideally for 2 people.)

Gift vouchers available on request.