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Breamore, one of my favourite walks.

Out of over 60 walks I know in and around the New forest, Breamore is definitely one of my favourites.

To me, it is the gift that keeps on giving as it is steeped in local history, folklore and wildlife with the energetics of this sacred ground today was no different.

As I wandered to the church, with almost anticipation of finding something new as I always do here, and I witnessed a goshawk trying to see off a red kite. It made me smile, not only because of the amazing spectacle but within the first five minutes of my walk Breamore was already giving me something special.

St Mary's Church dates back to the saxon times and I always find something new on my visits.

You can feel the history in this place and the comfort and following of your ancestors. The ancient yew that stands in the graveyard is just as old, if not older.

The generations of worshippers, joyful celebrations, spiritual seekers and communities who would have passed this tree, touched this tree and shaded under its canopy have left their residual energy of welcome to the wanderer like me, but my pilgrimage doesn't finish here.

I headed across the meadows of long grasses and wildflower where hares box and bound breathing in huge skies and distant views. My meadow walk recedes into a woodland track peppered with blue tones from bluebells and bugles and edged with wild garlic.

The sensational aromas were carried on the breeze, only to be out done by the heady smell of bright yellow rape fields.

I eventually reach the bench at the top of the meadows and sit to admire the views, where I was surrounded by cowslip and speedwell.

The breeze rushed through the long meadow grass like waves as I watched the hares at the bottom of the hill. Red kites and buzzards circled and cuckoos and skylarks called. Just as I was thinking of entering the woods I caught sight of a barn owl hunting in the fields, so I opened my flask and settled down to enjoy the show. If this wasn't enough 'owl action', I could hear a tawny owl calling from the woods behind me as if to call me in, and it did just that.

Taking time to stop at the mizmaze, I heard him call again, enticing me into the yew grove. These old, Mystical trees give a sense of stillness and mystery in their deep cover and right in the middle of this dark, lifeless grove stands an ancient oak tree, defying nature and thriving in the dark, encroaching woodland.

As I looked up into the oak tree, there he was. The wise owl that had called me in.

We took a minute to acknowledge eachother before he took flight, and left me a gift as one of his feathers floated through the trees. There is definitely magic and mystery in this sacred place.

Heading back downhill through the bluebell wood I had warmth in my heart, inspiration in my mind and bluebell scent in my senses.

Thank you Breamore for being my magical place with gifts of mystery and wonder.

Join me next month and come and discover for yourself.

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