I have been practicing Reiki for 16 years. The first 10 years were a self healing journey which helped me through the other side of suffering numerous illnesses including returning pneumonia and M.E as well as emotional issues I was suffering.

10 years on I found myself treating animals with Reiki alongside working as an equine groom and dog Walker then naturally started treating people.

16 years on I am a Usui Reiki master/teacher trained in the Western and the original Japanese style and a Rahanni celestial healing practitioner. I still love learning and I am humbled by the energy work with the nonstop positivity created by energy healing.

My other passions are nature and writing. I have spent many years surveying wildlife and the environment of the beautiful landscape of the New Forest. New Forest Nature and Nurture gave me a platform to share these things with you, whether it is by reading my blogs, joining me on a guided walk, nature therapy or for a energy healing session for you or your pets.


Thank you for joining me on my journey.


"Your words capture the very essence of the forest.."

"..constructive and informative...full of good sense and kindnesss.."

"..we are privileged to have walked this path with you.."