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animal HEALING.

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Animals are very susceptible to energy healing, as they don’t have the what? Why? How? Questions but are also very intuitive. The beauty of energy healing is, it can work from a distance so if you have a fearful animal, I can work at a distance that the animal is comfortable with.


Animals tend to recover physically quicker too with energy healing. Most of my work has been with dogs- treating separation anxiety, grief, fear as well as recovery from surgery and physical ailments and horses- treating fear, aggression, anxiety, lameness, windsucking and recovery from surgery.


I have also worked on a sheep, chicken, rabbits and even fish and a turkey. So whatever your animal and whatever the ailment, it may be worth considering a home visit.

I have been around horses all my life and studied animal behaviour at college, so Animal healing, is combining all my passions.

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"Highly recommend Jen, she had a truly amazing effect on my crazy, insecure dog, I have never seen him so calm, relaxed and happy, and could see the benefits after the first session which have continued. He is definitely a much happier and chilled out boy and no longer on high alert at home."

Caroline Trosh

"Jen came out to my horse who seemed shut down after losing his companion. After only 2 sessions with Jen, Major was behaving like his old, cheeky self again.

Thank you Jen for helping my boy through his grief xx" 

George Manson

"Junior and I loved our session yesterday, he adored you, as did I. After you left he was very chilled, slept as you predicted. Our walk today was fab, my hubby reluctantly admitted seeing an improvement! Thank you so much. xx"

Becky Mouland

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