animal HEALING.

Animals are very susceptible to Reiki and Rahanni, as they don’t have the what? Why? How? Questions. The beauty of Reiki or Rahanni is, it can work from a distance so if you have a fearful animal, I can work at a distance that the animal is comfortable with.


Animals tend to recover physically quicker too with energy healing. Most of my work has been with dogs- treating separation anxiety, grief, fear as well as recovery from surgery and physical ailments and horses- treating fear, aggression, anxiety, lameness, windsucking and recovery from surgery.


I have also worked on a sheep, chicken, rabbits and even fish and a turkey. So whatever your animal and whatever the ailment, it may be worth considering a home visit.

I have been around horses all my life and studied animal behaviour at college, so Animal healing, is combining all my passions.


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