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You will lay fully clothed while closing your eyes and listening to some relaxing music. I tend to work within the aura rather than physical contact. You may feel warmth or moments of cold and some see colours and lights within the minds eye. Whatever you experience, it will be deeply  relaxing and beneficial.

I am also available for home visits 



Energy healing session for you £40.00

Home visit animal healing £35.00

(Travel expenses additional outside NFDC) 

Distant healing. £20.00

Support the healer £60 for half a day.

(Discounted prices available for couples and groups)


Even though it is known as healing, I would never refer to myself as a “healer” this is because I am simply a vessel for the healing energy to pass through into the person I am working on. It is the persons own ability to heal who is receiving the treatment, so actually, you are the healer I am simply a bystander acknowledging the energy shift.

For this reason, and for your own peace of mind. If you have any real health concerns please consult your GP first.

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