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The wonderful thing about energy is that it has no restriction of time or place. So I am able to perform a healing session on somebody I will never meet, whether they are in the next room, or other side of the world. Distance healing has just as much of an affect as coming to me for a therapy session. Only difference is you are not surrendering yourself  to deep relaxation and some time just for you like you are when you come for a therapy. 




I can tap into their energy from where I am and perform healing to remove the energy blockage. This will be followed up by a written report of what I felt and a suggestion on how to move forward with treatment if needed. Feedback is always welcomed and there have been some surprising results from this method.




Distant healing is good for people recovering in a hospital, or a person in another country. It is also good for babies still in mums tummy and people with severe social anxiety. I have sent distant healing to a prisoner who was not coping with jail life and sent distant healing to someone transitioning from life to death on more than one occasion to help them and their families in their last moments.

"I couldn't get to see Jen for my usual appointment as my car had broken down so she suggested distance healing. Although I didn't switch off like I would when I am on her therapy bed, the results were just the same and Jen followed up with an email to tell me what she felt....

AMAZING!I don't know how she does it, but I know it works!"

Simon Abbingdon

"I ask Jen if she could send distance healing to my dying Mum who was in a hospice. I was with Mum at the time the healing took place and she slept deeply and peacefully. 

I felt I was feeling the affects too, when speaking to Jen after she had connected to my energy in the room too and included me in the healing. (I hadn't told her I was there) 

Thank you Jen for making Mums last days more comfortable and her passing easier."

Susan Simmons

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