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Supporting the healer

Are you an empath and feel drained by the energy of others around you?

Or trained as a healer and not sure how to move forward with your souls mission? 

From running workshops and many years working as a healer, I have come to understand that the spiritual path can often be a lonely one. The things we may experience as "sensitives" often we feel we cannot share with others for the fear of being told we are crazy and quite often leads great way-showers, healers, teachers and empaths off their spiritual path as they feel stuck, uninspired and exhausted by their mission. 

I have found myself being called upon to be the support. I offer a safe space once a month with what I have named 'Energy flow conversation' welcoming people from all walks of life to come along and have a conversation about anything spiritual. I start with a topic and see where the conversation takes us. (There is no stupid or weird question) It has proved to be a great event for people to share opinions, experiences and tips. So if you are a seasoned healer or just have a curiosity about anything spiritual it is a great space to get inspired and heighten the collective vibration with like-minded people. Take a look at the Events page to see upcoming dates and times.

Are you a trained healer and not sure what to do next with your new found heighten vibration, or feel your work has plateaued?

 Or maybe you are someone who has learnt lots of wonderful holistic modalities as you have a 'knowing' that somehow you need to be a helper, healer or way-shower but unsure of your true path? 

Let me be your support. Sometimes it only takes a coffee and conversation or a walk together in nature to take stock and be reminded of what your true path is. My role is to be your gentle nudger! After all, you have the tools and the innate knowing I am here to remind you and to share some simple exercises, healing tips and experience with you to re-align you with your souls mission.

 See treatments and prices page for more details.

"I am not a healer or therapist in any way, but felt I had lost my way on my spiritual journey. Jen came and spent an afternoon wandering in the woods with me and held space for me to find my true path. The future is exciting again! Thanks Jen x"

Sarah Jackson

"I have been working as a Reiki healer for years but just recently found the clients weren't coming... I really felt I had lost my way. But spending a morning with Jen reawakened my curiosity and heightened my vibration to get back on the right path. Not once did she put her opinion onto me, she just simply guided me to find my own answer to what I was missing! 

 Thank you Jen for the Gentle nudge and great company."

Vicky Cooper

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