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Energy FLOW Healing

What type of healing do you practice

I started my healing journey 18 years ago with Reiki. I am a Reiki Master in Western and original Japanese style as well as a Rahanni, nature therapy, mindfulness and liminal awareness healing practitioner. As my intuition and sensitivity grew with practice, so did my spirit team who guide and assist me to achieve results in my combination of my modalities and to develop liminal awareness healing.











What is Energy healing?


Energy healing is something we are all capable of, but in todays busy and fast paced life we have forgotten how to tap into our own intuition. 

By tapping into a clients energy field I can help release physical pain, emotional trauma or mental health issues by gently reminding the mind, body and soul how to self heal by clearing negative blockages from within their energy field.

I also offer workshops and talks to show how we can all heal by using some simple exercises and gently reminding our bodies what we innately know.













Even though what I offer is seen as spiritual healing, it holds no religion, so you don’t have to believe in anything, in fact, you don’t even have to believe in energy healing of any kind. You just need to trust in your own ability to self heal.

"I’ve been to Jenny’s energy and animal healing workshops, both of which were really fantastic. Jenny is exceptionally knowledgeable and happy to share her knowledge, she is very open and easy to talk to. I have learned a lot from Jenny already. I have more recently had a session of energy healing from Jenny. I noticed quite profound and positive changes afterwards. I would highly recommend Jenny."

Nicky Mccollach

"Recently I had an energy healing session with Jen after feeling flat and sluggish. I had no experience of healing and no preconceived ideas and therefore just lay with my eyes closed whilst Jen worked around me. She works mainly hands off so I had no indication of where she was working, but on discussion afterwards I could equate sensations that I had experienced with areas that Jen had been working on to realign my energy.

The following day was a revelation - I felt rejuvenated, full of energy and enthusiasm! This has continued, but if I do feel a dip again I know who’s door I will be knocking on!

Thank you so much Jen xx"

Sandra Leach

Feel free to ask me any questions here!
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