N a t u r e   t h e r a p y 

What is nature therapy?

Nature Therapy is a 2 hour meander covering less than a couple of miles. Inviting you to awaken your senses in a quiet, calm manner allowing you to reconnect as nature.

What should I expect?

The walk is done at a very slow pace. At intervals of the walk you will be invited to awaken your senses one at a time, while standing, sitting, walking or even lying in nature.


Even though this is a group

activity you are given enough

space and freedom to make

it your own journey to

reconnect, not with, but as

nature. As your guide, I am

here simply to take away time

and destination and suggest a

way of allowing your senses

to enhance your journey.

This is an important thing to remember, it is YOUR journey, so you are not expected to share your experiences (unless you want to) and you are not expected to do what I invite you to do. It is only a suggestion. For example, if I invite you to lie down for a while and listen to your surroundings, you may prefer to sit and look at your surroundings. This is fine. Only do what you are comfortable with.


What are the benefits of Nature Therapy?


By spending some time in nature and having a deep awareness of your surroundings it has been scientifically proven to create a positive chemical change in the body that doesn’t alter for up to a week after. This type of therapy reduces stress, improves mood, reduces blood pressure, accelerates recovery from illness and boosts the immune system. As well as these benefits, I have witnessed deep, profound rebalance and calm amongst participants as they reconnect to the place where they evolved.

Is this therapy for everyone?

Because of the nature of the therapy which allows you to only be thinking about your surroundings rather than being responsible for another, it isn’t suitable for children, so over 16’s only. The walk is at a very slow pace and normally covers less than 2 miles, so achievable for most.

Where does nature therapy take place?


Depending on the time of year, depends on where in The New Forest I will offer nature therapy from. But the therapy can be offered anywhere there is nature! Woodland, a field, a park or even a garden! With this in mind, I am available to travel and tailor a Nature therapy session for groups.


£10 per person.

Price to be discussed for a tailored group nature therapy session



Tel: 07519177211  

Email: newforestnatureandnurture@gmail.com


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