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A real love of mine is creative writing, if I am not writing my blogs I love writing poetry and stories.

  " The dappling glades in the morning sun,

     With the golden dawn the day has begun.

Still a chill on the mid-spring morn,

Where birds are singing the chorus of dawn.

Ponies graze and cattle rest,

while birds tend their brooding nests.

Cuckoos and chiffchaffs repeat their calls,

And the arriving swifts turn dip and fall.

As the rising sun warms the ground,

Reptiles bask and hares box and bound.

Butterflies fluttering the rays through the trees,

And the shy herding fallows potter with ease.

Heady aroma of ancient bluebell sites,

Majestically bow and warm in the light.

Before the leaf-laden canopy starts to descend,

And causes the bells their inevitable end.

The first robin brood bravely fledges,

Amongst unfurling bracken and mayflower hedges.

I walk the path with delicate steps,

Not to disturb flower, leaf or nest.

The New Forest Park is a wonder and  treasure,

And needs our protection now more than ever.

To nurture the nature and mindfully step,

Is not just pleasure but a sign of respect." 



P.J Lee is a pseudonym used when I co-write with my husband. There are other publications to come as we love creating stories together and I am working on my own creative projects to include a diary of monthly poems expressing the changing seasons here in the New Forest with photos taken on my wanderings and wildflower illustrations. This will be published in my own name

 Jen Blaxall.

The Kindness of Dr Fimbly Nibbles

After recieving a letter from his old friend, Augustus Hodge, Dr Fimbly Nibbles and his faithful companion Splint take a trip across the fields and woods of Spaewood to collect Mr Hodge's granddaughter, Chardonnay, a little hedgehog who has lived a sheltered and privileged life in the safety of a garden. Her grandfather believes a visit to the wilds of Spaewood where he grew up will open a whole new world to this little hoglet under the watchful eye of Fimbly.


Come along and join them on their adventure where Chardonnay discovers the wonders and emotions of the wild and meets lots of new friends, including an industrious blackbird, boisterous badgers and a wise old owl.





"This is a very uplifting story, I read it to my grandson and he giggled at the "animal antics" my older Grandaughter is now reading it for herself. An enjoyable read for them and me"

You can order your signed copy

from us at the special price of £6.70 with free postage. 

The Kindness of Dr Fimbly Nibbles is available in local shops around the forest to include

The cider pantry, Burley

Cards and Candys, Brockenhurst

New Forest Heritage Centre, Lyndhurst.

Slowhayes Suri Alpacas, Marchwood

Rosie Leas tearoom, Lymington

please get in touch is you would like to stock.

"I loved this beautiful woodland adventure as much as my children did.
Strong and charming characters with a positive and environmental tale.
The characters really take you on their adventure and I as well as my children got lost in the gentle description of the woodland. We are on the second time round of reading! I would recommend this for good family reading."

“Incredible adventure you can get lost in!”

Matthew Anstee at Tea and Pencils has prints of the illustrations for sale at his Etsy shop

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