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We are all healers

I feel very strongly as an energy worker that we all have the ability to be healers. But it all starts with self-awareness and healing our own traumas and generational patterns and to continue that healing through our lives. You don't have to in an enlighten state of "healed" but being aware of our triggers and working on them is enough to open your self-awareness and intuition.

Once we are on the journey of healing ourselves we heighten our own vibration, see life and the world from a different perspective and start to let go of bad habits and additions. When we are in this state.... healing others is the easy bit!

After all the different modalities I have trained in, I can honestly say there is no need for attunements, rituals, symbols or even spirit guides and angels (although they are a great help) The healing energy comes from every single one of us, it is simply about doing your own work to be in the right vibration to share this beautiful energy.

Some of you may find this triggering and controversial after training a certain way, but after training as a Reiki master in Western and Original Japanese style and obiding by the precepts, I realised after a while (along with training in other modalities) sticking rigidly to the symbols/kotadamas and hand positions was limiting my healing abilities. Once I worked "in flow" and from intuition the results spoke for themselves.

If you would like to know more about how I work and would like to learn more for yourself. Whether you are a certified healer or simply have an interest, come along to either the understand your own energy field workshop or June's Energy flow conversation . They are both held on the 28th of June, so you may even want to come along to both (and join me for a pub lunch inbetween). I love sharing tips and knowledge and learning from others to improve all our wellbeing.

Get in touch to find out more or go to my events page

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