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Walking Wilverley inclosure.

What a stunning afternoon for a walk!

Leaving from Longslade heath the Northerly wind was quite sharp on the open landscape, but it didn't concern a mare and her foal as she tried to graze but her youngster had other ideas as she was trying out her legs and leaping and kicking before misjudging her brakes and collided into Mum, and decided nibbling at a branch was safer!

I could hear the skylark trying his best to sing from the heavens in the sharp breeze and caught a glimpse of a Dartford warbler before crossing the road to Wilverley. This time, the wind is behind me, and the gathering of mares on the grassland were squealing and stomping. There was no obvious sign of a stallion amongst them, but I imagine he is not far away!

Heading into the mixed woodland of the inclosure, I suddenly felt protected and welcomed by the trees. The sun shone through the dappled glades with just the Psithurism and the bird song to be heard. The verdant woodland carried a scent of pine and was captured by my senses and offered many a seat just off the beaten track to bathe in all its wonder!

I sat mesmerised by the speckled wood butterflies ascending and descending in flight as they never strayed from the pockets of sun and a fallow quietly crept past thinking it was going unnoticed. Jay's cackled from the canopy, and the blackbird song was at its best. A call from a distant goshawk caught my attention before heading back out into the blowy landscape where I negotiated gorse and puddles as I returned to the car.

Let's hope this is the start of the finer weather! 🌞

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