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Walking the puddled landscape

That week of the year where time and agenda isn't a priority for most and after a really lovely Christmas I was ready to get out walking in the break in the weather.

Stepping into the woods just far enough away from the carpark and human sound I stopped, looked up and took a deep breath as my body felt gratitude in every cell for where I was right at that moment. The only sound was the wind through the bare boughs and a robin singing close by. The whipping wind blew the raindrops from the trees showering my path and lit up like sparkles as they caught the low, bright winter sun on their descent while magnifying the forest colours and scent of everything they touched.

Admiring the blue skies from under the trees the canopies were mesmerising in their crown shyness as they politely swayed in their own awareness not to intrude on their neighbour.

When my neck started to jar I continued through the leafy carpet embellished with soft furnishings of moss and lichen. Heading out through the gate onto the common where my vision was stunted by the sun bouncing off the puddled ground. As the sun dropped behind the tree line I could see it in all its glory! Even the ponies were grateful for the sunshine as they played and frolicked in the waterlogged landscape!!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas 🌲🎅🎁💖

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