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Walk round Minstead village.

After a lovely lunch and catch up with my besties, the rain was holding off so took myself for a walk round Minstead. Started with a wander round the church grounds. This place has such a nice feel about it and after having a long chat with a local gent and his lovely little dog, who shared his knowledge of the village and the people now resting in this beautiful site, I stood and admired the magnificent oak tree that stands proud amongst the headstones. Just outside of its canopy stands the grave of Arthur Conan Doyle with smokers pipe lying on the stone in fond commemoration.

The skies were starting to darken again so I headed off on my short walk through the footpaths and village. I really love this walk, Minstead is full of hazel hedges dripping in autumn bounty from the bramble, dog rose and hawthorn entwined through whips of hazel softening the look of the hedges with its large leaves draping over and embracing the wild and fruiting boundaries. The ivy is starting to flower and buzzing with life giving our fantastically busy pollinators a last source of food before the winter months.

Minstead boasts some incredible examples of ancient oak trees, home of the "Adam and Eve" oaks amongst others with a scattering of yew trees re-seeded along my walk. Beautiful properties adorn this village, there is a style for everyone's wishlist and the donkeys are a regular at the front gates. I resisted a cheeky G&T in the pub as I headed back as the skies were turning moodier by the minute. I managed to turn the key in my door as the heavens opened once more.

Stay safe from the storms this weekend folks 💜

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