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The book is coming soon!!

The Kindness of Dr Fimbly Nibbles is a children's story I have co-written with my husband which we hope will be enjoyed by the whole family.

"After receiving a letter from an old friend Augustus Hodge, Dr Fimbly Nibbles and his faithful companion Splint take a trip across the fields and woods of Spaewood to collect Mr Hodge's Grandaughter, Chardonnay. A little hedgehog who has lived a sheltered life in the safety of a garden. Her Grandfather believed a visit to the wilds of Spaewood where he grew up would open a whole new world to this little hoglet under the watchful eye of Fimbly.

Come along on their adventure where Chardonnay discovers new wonders of the wild and meets new friends, including an industrious blackbird, boisterous badgers and a wise old owl."

Fimbly (hare), Splint (fox) and Chardonnay (hedgehog) illustrated by the very talented Matthew Anstee

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