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Take care out there.

Finally, I can (virtually) take you on my walks again, and there is signs of new life everywhere. Foals and calves contentedly nibbled and played as their mums grazed the quiet heaths at 7am this morning. A cuckoo persistently cuckoo-ed from a tree on the edge of the open heath and a kestrel hovered silently in the blue sky. As the bluebells go past their best, stitchwort and hawthorn flower are putting on a show, with the foxgloves waiting in the wings.

As the car parks are now open and with a warm weekend forecast, please take care in the forest. Drive slowly- young stock have no road sense and can skip out into a road quickly. Observe social distancing guidelines from the animals as well as other people - We don't want to encourage animals need the road or to approach people. It's also worth keeping in mind the stallions are out now so the ponies behaviour may be more unpredictable than usual and we wouldn't want to put extra pressure on the NHS right now! So would be good to practice social distancing with the animals as well as others people.

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