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New forest coastal walk.

After the heavy rain yesterday it was wonderful to get out on one of the new forest coastal walks this morning in the sun. The sea was stormy and forceful when the sun hit the foaming crashes of the waves it was mesmerising!

The salty spray against my face was exfoliating while the cliffside sheltered me from the chill of the wind. I sat and watched the waves for a while as I breathed in the clean sea air. It was fresh enough to feel it fill my lungs until the sun hit my face and it changed to warm winter sun.

Exposed on the cliff top the walk back was bracing and invigorating. Watching the gulls battling against the winds to take flight kept me amused. Such a beautifully clear day with views to the isle of wight, hengisbury head and Bournemouth as the brightness of the day enhanced the coastline. I don't do this enough!

@ Barton On Sea, Hampshire, United Kingdom

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