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Natures resurrection

Spring is about renewal, replenish and purification.

With the unseasonably wet weather, you may feel the landscape looks drab, but I encourage you to get out over the weekend and take some time to lose yourself in nature. There are signs of change all around us, you just need to take a breath, and step into the rhythm of Mother Nature.

Wildflowers are popping up on forest rides, road verges and hedgerows. From dog violets to celandines. The woodlands may be damp, but the scent is different from the autumnal woodland, its more of a freshness in the air. Tiny seedlings are peppering the forest carpet and wild garlic smells of "wellness." 

In sunny pockets, you will find bracken starting to unfurl, and damaged trees drip sap as it rages through the tree to drive its great awakening!

Take a moment to stop and feel your heart beat in tune of your landscape. You may start to notice the small things. Voles, mice, butterflies and beetles. The swaying of the branches. The calling of the birds. You may tune into a site of a nest, as the material goes in and out of a tree to create soft furnishings. Or a devoted partner feeding his brooding love.

When you become the landscape and embraced by Mother Nature, you will notice her gentle shift, awakening and unfolding into something new..... resurrecting if you like.

If you take time to stop, notice, and sense nature. She will take you on her journey and you will gently shift and awaken and walk awaying unfolding into something new too. As you feel replenished, renewed and purified.

Happy Easter folks 🐣🌱🌳

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