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Natures Jewels

April showers feed the buds, And fills my boots with glorious mud! But as the rain starts to slow, The abundance of spring puts on a show.

Celandine, anemones and stitchwort, Open their hearts to face upwards. As an offering to insects and mammals, to feed, Or for us to admire or a cure for our needs.

Butterflies emerge and reptiles bask, As bats take flight at the moment of dusk. Cubs appear from underground, And the woodlands full of nesting sounds.

As April starts to look towards May, Cuckoos call on the lengthening day, Canopies burst into lime green leaf, And bluebells carpet the ground beneath.

Sitting here with pen in hand, Listening to the rain water the land. This doesn't feel like a day for fools, But the start of nature sharing her jewels.

Written by Jen Blaxall

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