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Mother Nature's guidance

As the winter takes hold, I wrapped up warm and finished my last wreath of the year. Co-creating with Mother Nature in the silence of the frozen landscape with just the garden birds keeping me company as they feed and steal the fallen berries from my creation. The holly king reminds me of his dominance this time of year as I gently try to manipulate his offerings into the wreath but he nips at my cold fingers.

The Yuletide frost pushes us inwards, not just into the warmth of the house but inwards spiritually. I yearn for the opportunity to work with the forests offerings and have gratitude for the colours, textures and scent as the landscape starts to withdraw and quieten for the darker months. Everything, is slower somehow, Everything is clearer somehow, as I lose myself in my creation, open hearted and grateful, knowing someone else will take joy from my co-creation and feel my love through the foliage.

As I retreat to the warmth of the crackling fire and a nip of homemade sloe gin, I don't need distraction this time of year of TV or radio, I need time to reflect, read, write and be mesmerised by the flickering flames. I take guidance from Mother Nature as she slows, and contemplates new beginnings for the coming year.

This is my time for clearing the way, setting intentions and laying down plans for the coming winter solstice where I can plant my seeds and anchor them in on the coming new moon to allow them to germinate for imbolc.

With only a week until the winter solstice, start clearing what no longer serves and set your intentions for the coming year.

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