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How to choose what crystal is right for you.

Are you a lover of crystals?

Do you get caught up in the idea that amethyst is for spiritual alignment, hermatite will bring you protection, rose quartz will bring you love and harmony. The list goes on.....

And they do for some, but only a few who are aligned to the frequency of the crystal at the time. Have you ever considered that the crystal you have in your pocket is actually holding the frequency of the land it was mined from rather than what is written on the card in the neat packaging when you bought it.

I encourage you to buy crystals, but go into a shop and buy what you are attracted to, not what you think you need. You are far more likely to benefit from it that way. Or even better, save your money and when out on your walks, pick up the stone that you noticed, or that feather or stick. When things get your attention, it is because at some level it is vibing with you and these gifts from nature will work with you just as well as a pretty, sparkly stone, or actually even better.

Everything in the Universe is energy and has a frequency. Don't discard it because it doesn't have a description. Learn to use your own discernment and intuition, and life will shower you with gifts 💖

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