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High vibing?

In the metaphysical world there is often talk of high vibration.... but what does it actually mean??

As an energy worker I have a huge responsibility to be in a high vibrational energy to hold space for others while being non-judgemental and empathetic. We are living energy fields; our bodies consist of particles and molecules that produce energy in a constant state of motion. Every single thing in the Universe is an expression of vibration from this constant state of motion and we are exposed to a vast amount of it. When exposed to a vibration, our bodies respond on a cellular level and this sends a signal between our body and our brain. So, in effect, our bodies are processing the information to our brains (this is good to remember when working intuitively) And as we activate our brain it sets up a vibration in our body. This results in the frequency that creates our perception of internal and external reality.

Lower frequency vibrations are produced by negativity. For example, the feelings of anxiety, fear or sadness, but higher frequency vibrations are produced by positivity like feelings of love, gratitude or peace. There are still more studies to be done regarding vibrational medicine, but research has shown that high vibrational energy is more powerful than low. Meaning the higher vibration has the ability to bring the lower vibration up to match its frequency. So, by doing our own healing work and holding a high vibration it ripples out to others and is beneficial to our own health and wellbeing. This is how we heal the world around us by healing ourselves first.

To dive a little deeper into this subject you may want to attend my workshop understand your own energy field workshop

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