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Garden waste disposal.

Today some of my lovely neighbour's cleared up garden waste from a forest carpark in Emery Down. This particular waste is laurel and Ivy. I am sure it wasn't deliberately fly tipped as people quite often think they are doing no harm as it is all natural right??....


Often garden waste is poisonous to livestock and this particular garden waste is no exception, but also, if left it can reseed on the forest creating growth of non-native invasive species that can effect the growth and health of the natural flora in the area or even change the nutrients in the soil.

Please be aware grass cuttings are just as dangerous to livestock as these animals are grazers. Cut grass allows them to gorge often causing colic and the grass we tend to cut from our lawn is often different grass from the type of grasses naturally found on the forest therefore not easily digested.

When you think you may not be causing a problem or even giving the animals a treat by leaving your garden waste on green land please think again and dispose of your garden 😁🌺🌱

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