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Evening Wildlife in the new forest. 

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

Stunning evening walk. The last of the days sun shone as I stepped quietly through the forest.

Foxgloves lined my path with the sun touching the shocking pink bells and as the sun started to lower in the sky it illuminated the textured bark on the trees.

The birds sung until the change over of day to dusk and as the woodland glade started to darken the bats emerged with acrobatic flight. A roe buck stepped out into the path ahead of me, completely unaware I was stood admiring him graze through patchwork of wild flowers and herbs before wondering into the trees the other side. While standing for a moment to let him move on undisturbed the largest buzzard I have probably ever had the pleasure to see came in to roost on a tree not far from the path. I walked past, glancing up as I did and this mighty raptor was watching me watching him, but when you are that large, I can't imagine there is a lot that worries you! As the woodland birds started to settle for the night and the tawny owl took over for the shift it was time to head back to the car. The sun was starting to set over the heath and the rabbits were chancing a quick nibble of grass before being spooked and bouncing back into their warrens while foals were nibbling on shrubs before the days end.

Everything had become very quiet and a golden glow was held in the last light as the sun disappeared to let the moon take centre stage. Sweet dreams folks

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