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Early morning New Forest walk.

Stunning morning walk. It was warm and still with a beautiful sweet scent lingering on the air. The dew still dwelled amongst the budding heather, making the cobwebs shimmer like heathland jewels. The greens of the landscape are vibrant after recent rain and the ponies look beautifully glossy in there summer coats. Almost as they have just been groomed.

Butterflies were on the wing early this morning to make the most of a beautiful day.

Fallows wandered between the trees and the dappled sun pushing through the glades accentuates their spotty coats and velvet antlers. Circling calling buzzard kept me company on my walk home then suddenly the calling turned into a duet as I watched the two greeting birds come to rest in a high bough where the noisy, large birds of prey promptly become almost invisible in their surroundings.

Why would you want to be any where else?

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