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Copythorne and Cadnam common circular walk.

What a perfect autumnal day for a wander!

I had a beautiful sunny walk at Copythorne and Cadnam common this morning. Muddy, wet tracks sparkled against the bright blue sky which silhouetted every branch of the tall trees of the 'fungi filled' conifer woodland. The heath and mires where an autumnal rust colour as the long grasses and bracken slowly start to fade into the darker, colder months.

Leaving behind Copythorne and making my way across the river to Cadnam common the landscape changes to broadleaf trees, some ancient and wise along with grazed grassland which weave between farmsteads and village lanes. Following the narrow rhododendron and gorse lined footpath I passed a small stable yard that oozed the familiar smell of manure and haylage which sent me back to good times past. (An acquired scent!) Before heading down through the village lanes of Newbridge scattered with small holdings. Another familiar smell of hot shoeing was in the air as I could hear a farrier shaping a shoe against his anvil from a nearby yard. Quiet lanes edge the commons and I stop to watch the fast running water of the Cadnam river as I cross back over and head up the hidden woodland path back towards Copythorne common. Negotiating the huge oak that stands over this path, "happy wooferings!" caught me attention from the field alongside the track as dogs were having a ball showing their skills to one another over, under and through the agility course 🐾 (I still miss my pups!) Then just before crossing the stile back into the conifer woodland a gaggle of geese were quietly grazing the field.

On the grassy track heading back to the car I sat in the sun and just breathed it in for a moment as it simply didn't seem long enough to be out on such a beautiful day in such a delightful place 💜

If you fancy joining me for a mid-week walk retracing these steps see the events page for more details. 👇

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