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Back where I belong!

Today I took myself for a gentle walk after a week of being poorly and what better place to take it easy than in Pondhead inclosure in butterfly perfect weather! 🦋

In the heat of the afternoon the woodland rides were perfectly sheltered and cool.

This ungrazed woodland has soft edges of wildflowers and long grasses which I cannot resist stroking as I pass to see the eruption of butterflies, beetles and pollinators. The flowering bramble and thistles act as pillows for well presented butterflies poised and elegant (until I get my phone out to take a photo!) Wings of many colours and flight patterns flutter above the foliage and amongst the wild grasses visiting delicate meadow flowers.

As I stepped back into the shelter of the trees I took a moment to sit on a stump and feel the gentle breeze on my face, but my attention was turned by a rustling in the undergrowth. I could see a muntjac foraging amongst the trees and silently sat while wondering how close he will get before noticing me.... the answer was pretty close! But sadly after my recent ailments there was only so long I could hold a cough in for which set him off with a start without looking back to hear my apology.

It's so good to be back amongst the trees and as I meandered deeper into the dappled glades a tawny owl flew from the canopy and landed closeby so I stood and admired, absorbed in all the glory of nature!

(For those of you interested in the butterflies I saw today, they where gatekeepers, ringlets, speckled woods, comma, silverwashed fritillary, large white, skippers and white admirals.)

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