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A walk from Eyeworth pond, New Forest.

What a spectacular morning walk.

I managed to get a morning to walk in nature on my own. The soft breeze and warm sun was pleasing on my skin on the first "T shirt day" of the year.

Arriving at Eyeworth pond the water gently rippled as the mallards and Mandarin ducks glided out of sight.

Heading onto the path everything felt so fresh as the forest prepares for new life. Butterflies brought colour to my meander; yellows of brimstones and reds of peacocks and commas. The birds were in good voice and finally the chiffchaff's are singing, a true sign of spring!

Walking across the grassland of Pipers wait I counted 26 fallow deer heading into the woods with purpose while donkeys snoozed in the sun.

Admiring the big blue skies from this highest point of the forest I noticed a red kite high in the sky battling a territory with a buzzard. Walkers passed by and cyclists on the road, everyone so distracted by life I seemed to be the only one noticing this magnificent display. Once the battle was over I continued through the undulating landscape to Telegraph Hill.

The uphill rambles made me hot so I took a break at the top to sit amongst the gorse and trees. The warmth allowed the gorse flower to release its sweet aroma and while sitting for a moment I noticed a common lizard basking in the sun and a line of southern wood ants marching into the cover of the trees. Once I had cooled off, treading carefully I continued my walk back towards Eyeworth wood walking the wide grassy path between wild and rugged heather where skylarks frantically sang from the sky and a red admiral whizzed past my cheek, taking advantage of the breeze.

It wasn't long before heath turned to woodland. Old and winding I suddenly find there is no particular path as the ancient trees seem to simply call you though the woods with some thinking they can hide in holly but I have a keen eye for an old soul.

I always try to imagine what a bustling place this would have once been when I pass the old gun powder mill and Eyeworth lodge before arriving back to which was now a busy carpark full of photographers and duck feeders. What a beautiful day to be out wandering the forest! 🌞🌳💞

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Sue goodswen
Sue goodswen
Mar 23, 2022

One of our favourite local walks, especially if you add Island Thorns. 🙂


Amanda Scott
Amanda Scott
Mar 22, 2022

I love Eyeworth Pond and the woods round there. Thank you for sharing your lovely walk!

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