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Walking the New Forest coastline.

This morning I left the trees and heaths behind and exchanged it for the cliffs and sea views of the New Forest coastline.

It was a bright, blustery morning perfect for an early morning exfoliation of sea salt on my face enhanced by a brisk sea breeze. The skies were bright but shower clouds could be seen rolling in on the horizon and swallowing Bournemouth from view under a heavy grey sky and creating a brief rainbow over the glistening sea.

Feeling gratitude for being under the blue sky where I was the sun bounced off the gentle waves as they ebbed and flowed against the groynes where cormorants gracefully balanced with wings wide and worshipping the sun in a far more elegant way than me! The cliff sides were pinned with sea pinks while rabbits hopped on the slopes and into their warrens oblivious to the hovering peregrin falcon above.

Sadly due to such erosion of the cliffside the walk at Barton on Sea is now limited, but just as well as those rain clouds started to close in!

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