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Reconnecting to where I belong.

It's been a super busy couple of weeks with New Forest Nature and Nurture Energy Flow. In the crazy March energy, which means little time in the woods for me. But today I got an hour to meander the trees in the late afternoon sunshine.

The pull to get to the forest has been strong and as I warmed my face against the afternoon sun I took guidance from the other mammals that roam these woods and stepped quietly and purposefully off the beaten track. This is my favourite kind of walking, between stumps and twisted branches, it really grounds me as I have to think where to put my feet with little disturbance.

A fallen birch tree covered in moss was positioned perfectly in the sun and invited me to sit. I looked up to the blue sky amongst the shyness of crowns and watched the woodland birds drift and glide between the trees. Their calls and songs filled me with hope for longer, warmer days and my body tingled as all my senses reconnected me to where I belong.

Gradually, a herd of fallow deer roamed into the woodland close to where I was sitting. I lost count at 38. Sitting quietly and observing they moved even closer. Before long, I was surrounded. Some looked up and acknowledged me and some strolled right past with noses to ground. How could I leave now??

I enjoyed their company for a good 20 minutes but they were showing no signs of moving on, so I tried to make myself small as I quietly crept away and whispering a thank you to them as I past. I was almost out of the woods when something else must have spooked them and they pranced out of the wood and past me towards the heath. What a sight!

Thank you Mother Nature, I feel complete again

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