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Nature therapy

Mindfully stepping amongst flowers and leaves,

The animals that reside here will teach,

Pace in the print of the preceding step,

With little disturbance the fallow crept.

Butterflies flutter in the sunny glades,

Mice and voles forage ramson-filled shades,

Where wildflowers unfurl and grow.

To go undetected by keen smelling foe.

Beetles disguise as something they are not,

To keep them safe in their shields of spots.

Adventurous cubs, bundle and frolic,

To catch a glance is a beautiful tonic!

The ancient boughs embrace us all,

In their wisdom and offerings of medicinal.

Nature offers her gifts to us,

Though flowers, fruits and feathers from above.

So, take the nudges nature intends,

To feed your soul and let your body mend.

Hold the fir cone and breathe in the land,

As Mother nature takes your hand.

She will remind your soul of where you belong,

Heighten your vibration and keep you strong.

By becoming aware of where you are now,

With the rhythms and seasons of where you evolved.

The forest will welcome you back to your home,

And the animals will draw closely as they roam,

In the stillness and quiet you vibrate in sync,

While nature welcomes you back from the brink.

She holds you tight and you feel her heart,

As you realise you were never apart,

You start to reunite in your rhythm,

As she leads you back to her beautiful kingdom.

Written by Jen Blaxall

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