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Nature is my medicine.

Feeling a bit out of whack this morning after some dental surgery yesterday, only one thing for it (after a bit of self Reiki) get out for a walk and breathe the spring, fresh air!

The breeze was warm and quickly pushed the clouds passed the sun creating light and dark on the landscape. Rabbits bolted between the gorse and a stonechat sat high amongst the spiney shrub looking smart in his bright orange tank top! An adder scuttled into the undergrowth from the warm, sandy bank and peacock, commas and brimstone butterflies danced on the wing on the warm heath. Crab apple trees are full of blossom and buzz as the pollinators congregate amongst the pinks and whites.

Heading into the woodland it quickly changes from conifers to broadleaf where ponies graze amongst the bluebells and speckled wood butterflies tumbled in the dappled glades while cuckoos tried to "out cuckoo" each other from the nearby woodland edge.

After the steep ascent out of the woods up to Hampton ridge, it is not only the climb that took my breath away, but the stunning views from the top. I watched a lone fallow hind bounce away in the heather below, not often you see them alone so I imagined she had left her fawn tucked up safely in the shrub somewhere while she goes off to forage. I watched her until she disappeared out of sight and then my attention was drawn to 2 circling buzzards gliding on the thermals.

Heading back along the ridge, the gorse edged my path and while walking into the warm breeze the beautiful sweet aroma of its bloom was a pleasure for the senses and lightened my step back to the car.

As for feeling out of whack....

.... meh, definitely feeling rebalanced with a spring in my step (and a little less swelling) 😁

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