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Looking within.... what does it mean?

Looking within.... we have all heard it on our spiritual journey, but what does it mean??

In my opinion, looking within starts with looking outwards. Look at how we respond to the world and how the world responds to us. Take note of what triggers you. I am a fan of the journal! Writing things down makes us see things much more clearly. Just by observing the immediate world around us we quickly become more self-aware and when self-awareness happens, so does the questions curiosity and understanding...

..... this is the time to look within. Sit quietly and meditate while scanning through your body as you remember that thing that triggered you. Feel where it lands in your body. Does it make you feel sick to your stomach, or leave you with a heavy heart? Or maybe your body feels tight. Place your hands where you feel the sensation and be kind to yourself. Breathe deeply and don't be critical. Let the feeling rise up and set the intention to release it.

Sit with it until you feel the sensation shift or subside in the intention of letting go and sending love and kindness to yourself. If you are visual, you may see a change of colour in your minds eye. Or you may simply feel a lightness, an openess or a subtle change in vibration in the palm of your hands as they rest in the place of the energetic blockage.

Once you feel the blockage release, it is important to fill the void of where the blockage once sat. Imagine healing golden light, or a violet flame or even a fluttering of butterflies!! The point is, to use whatever resonates with you and gives you the sense of filling the void with high vibrational healing energy, whatever that may be.

And this my friends is how we go outwardly.... within! 🙏

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