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How does distant reiki work?

When I was learning Reiki at the second degree, I had a real difficulty understanding the concept of distant healing. I think like a lot of us that are on the first steps of our spiritual path, I had so many questions and a real need to have a rational explanation for EVERYTHING! The biggest turning point for me was when my Reiki master who was sick of my constant questioning said "I won't try to explain, I will show you." She left me on the therapy bed and went into another room with a student. She left me lying quietly in the room for 15 minutes and when she returned she asked me what I experienced? I explained that I had a intense warmth in my elbow and in my heart. With this, she asked the other student to explain what had happened in the other room? She said that they both tapped into my energy from the other room and my master picked up on my healing elbow which I had recently broken and the student worked on my heart chakra. I think this is a lesson that both I and the other student will never forget, along with the fact not everything needs explaining... ........Just except!

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