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Great start to the day!

It was beautiful this morning at first light. I knew there was imminent rain as the conifers were releasing their aroma of sweet pine. The trees were perfectly still without a whisper of breeze which just enhanced the morning chorus. When I thought what a wonderful time of day for a superb walk, it suddenly got better as I heard and saw the rustling and bouncing of two roe deer disappearing into the foliage. I headed upwards onto the open heathland of Acres Down (with dogs on lead as we are now in ground nesting season) and the ponies were quietly grazing in the mornings first rays. Then in a blink of an eye, the clouds started to roll in, the 360 view became hazy before disappearing under the rain clouds. The air turned cooler but my mood wasn't altered as I looked across the heath to see five fallow bucks grazing the hill side still furnished with their antler which they will very soon drop and then I heard my first cuckoo of the year far in the distant woods. Great way to start the day!

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