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Back to nature day.

I have come together with Slowhayes Suri Alpacas in the New Forest to offer a day of complete relaxation. This day is about giving yourself some time with nature and re- awakening the innate ability to self heal, de-stress, recharge and rebalance simply by allowing nature to be your guide. In this fast pace and crazy world as humans we have detached ourselves from the very thing we are...NATURE! When we do this it has been scientifically proven that we become more anxious, stressed and out of balance which leads to lower immune systems, mental health issues and quite often illness if ignored.

Let Linda and I along with her beautiful, quiet and calm herd of alpacas and horses take care of you for the day. We will take away agenda, time and destination for you while you gently reminding yourself where your energy frequency should be and witness how the animals respond to you when in a space of calm and relaxation. Bring a friend or come along on your own and be made very welcome while creating space for yourself amongst a small group of like-minded people.

Check out the link below to find out more and to book your space 👇

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