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August energy upgrade.

This weekend the lionsgate portal occurs, this is when the Sirus stars align with earth creating an energetic, spiritual and vibrational upgrade, if that wasn't enough it also falls on a new moon, a good time to plant new seeds and letting go of old beliefs. Some of you (including me) may have struggled this week at "being human" having difficulty socialising, finding daily tasks trigger you more than usual and fear and frustrations rising to the surface.

Ride it out! Do things to soothe your soul take salt baths, sit in nature, wild swim, meditate or choose the company of animals rather than people. These feelings will pass and take comfort in knowing it is all part of the bigger picture, the universe has your back!

Take this time of solitude to think about what you truely believe is your souls purpose, maybe write it down or draw a picture. Be creative with the manifestation of your energy alignment it will enhance the power of the new moon magic and keep the faith that the lionsgate portal is simply upgrading you to your true alignment.

Be kind to yourself this month and remind yourself to be the calm in the chaos as your seeds you plant now will start to grow on the next full moon on the 22nd August.

With the energy shift this month and the need for some time for YOU I am offering 20% off energy healing just add AUGUST20 in the comment when booking. 💞

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