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winter sun strolls

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

With that biting wind today, I felt I might regret heading to Highcliffe for a walk but on the contrary!

Walking the cliff walk the trees and shrubs sheltered me from the wind allowing glimpses of the bright blue skies and glistening clear and calm water. It was calling me down to the soft sand of the beach as I loosened my layers in the sun trapped shoreline where the crystal clear water gently lapped the sand and stole my footprints. Gulls foraged the shallows where an eruption of bickering started as one had found a juicy crab and didn't want to share!

The briny aroma awakened all my senses as I headed back to meet my husband and sat on a rock with my face to the sun and took a satisfying deep breath. The views of Hengistbury head and the needles were fantastic and only made better by sharing my gorgeous husbands delight in finding hagstones and shiny shells!

If you would like to join me for this lovely shoreline walk in a couple of weeks, take a look at the events page of my website for more details.

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