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The abundance of May

Bluebells and cuckoos, come to mind,

When thinking of May and leaving darkness behind.

Trees are lime green as they come into leaf,

While cubs are venturing and cutting their teeth.

Swallows and swifts swoop and dive,

As the natural landscape comes alive.

Nests of birds are starting to fledge,

And the bracken unfurls along the woodland edge.

Cow parsley verges and flowering meadows,

Colour and scent steps out of the shadows.

Dragonflies rattle in purposeful flight,

And skylarks sing from impossible heights.

Bats forage as day turns to dusk

And birds chorus on their early dawn busk.

Mayflower hedges are busy and alive,

With pollinators and butterflies who productively thrive.

As the crab apple blooms on this glorious Beltane,

My wishes for you and nature's the same.

New beginnings, light, warmth and prosperity,

In utter abundance with love and sincerity.

Written by Jen Blaxall.

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