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Share your dreams with the universe!

An artist I will never be!

But today is a day at home in the garden daydreaming.

My dream is to own land and "nurture the nature." Woodland, ponds, wildlife and tranquility. Whenever I dream day or night, the first thing I imagine is a wildflower meadow. I don't just imagine the colours and light but the swaying foliage in a warm breeze. A hum of pollinators and a flutter of butterflies. Having some quiet time, my husband and I enthused over our dream so while sitting in the sun I got out the posca pens. Not to draw a masterpiece (obviously #mutantinsects!) But to reinforce the vibration of my lifes dream and to get excited to imagine, see, hear, feel and smell it once again! When reinforcing a high vibrational energy its impossible for the universe to ignore! I have complete faith that the universe will respond to my request when the time is right and I look forward to hosting you there for energy healing, nature therapy or afternoon tea and wildlife watching!

In the meantime, I am enjoying the journey of dreams and imagination!

Tell me what your dreams are let's get that high vibration and steps towards our dreams in motion 😴

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