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Rain, rain go away.....

IT STOPPED RAINING!!! ..... for an hour!

But at least I managed to don on my wellies and head out with the dogs for a village walk round Minstead. The water was high as expected and the run off from the fields was cascading along the lanes,

but it was nice not to have to trudge through knee deep mud and instead meander through the lanes, admiring the mixture of pretty cottages and grand houses dotted between the fields of horses in their array of colourful rugs and haynets with evidence of owners desperately trying to protect some of their paddocks becoming mud baths. The sun showed its face and sparkled against the wet roads, the hedgerows are full of haws and berries,

while I noticed one property wasn't going short of mistletoe this Christmas as their trees were almost suffocated by it.

Robin's and redwings kept me company with their tuneful tones while the resident donkeys were thankful for some warm sun to dry their backs.

Never mind a white Christmas, I'd happily settle for a dry one! ☔

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