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New forest barbeques byelaws.

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

😡 came across this on my walk this morning right in the middle of a footpath and still smoldering!!!

I made sure it was out before I left, but it had obviously been burning all night. Thankfully we had a little rain in the night otherwise I think this would be a very different story! Please, please be responsible and a reminder that there are designated barbeque sites at Bolderwood, Blackwater, wilverley and Anderwood. Raised barbeques are permitted on the hard standing of carparks providing you also carry water and take your rubbish home. Please do not use once use barbeques. Not only because of the potential fire hazard, but the effect on the environment. #firerisk #leavenothingbutfootprints #newforestnatureandnurture

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