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Nature therapy

Today, I went to check out the site for July's Nature therapy walk What a joy that the animals validated for me was that it was the ideal location.

I sat on the bank of the stream, which was peppered with purple from self heal flowers as I watched the swifts twist and dive. Foals snoozed while others galloped with the joy of being alive!

The deer twitched and grazed in the distance, and my energy and heartbeat sunk in and synced up with Mother Nature as I watched the natural behaviours and interactions of the ponies.

The moment this happens every time, the ponies creep a little closer. I do not physically interact with them, nor them me. But we don't need to. We are all vibing on the same energy of our surroundings.

I become them, and they become me.

I hope the animals offer the same joy on the day for you to share with me. For more details go to 👇

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