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Nature therapy.

Take a couple of hours from your busy life to allow nature to be your guide and ground you on Saturday 17th April at 9.30am spend time standing, sitting or lying in the forest and allow your senses bathe in the healing power of the forest. I am there to simply take away time and destination while providing safety for you to find your own healing space.

This therapy covers only a couple of miles in 2 hours so is suitable for most fitness abilities. Due to the nature of this therapy taking away any responsibility of the participants it is not suitable for children under 16 or for bringing dogs along.

To find out more go to the nature therapy page or feel free to contact with any questions or to book.

£15pp due to the current restrictions there are only 5 available spaces.

Spaces are still available for this Saturday's walk, go to the events page to see walk details and availability.

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