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June's newsletter

We had a fab month of walking spotting butterflies and wild flowers. Seeing and hearing nightjars and watching deer graze.

During July I am planning more interesting walks. Discovering old gunpowder mills and pondlife at Eyeworth. Taking in views over the river Avon on the Godshill evening pub walk and to admire some very ancient and celebrity trees at Mark ash Wood. You can find all the details for the walks HERE

Energy healing has kept me busy, particularly at the start of the month in the crazy June energy with a powerful new moon and summer solstice energy pulling together.

I also visited a mare this month who was not bonding with her foal, but after a healing session and a very deep connection with her to release her sadness and anxiety I have been informed that mare and foal are doing well and have finally bonded.

I am running the Understand your own energy field workshop at the beginning of July along with the monthly energy flow conversation. I am looking forward to tomorrow's conversation as I experienced past life regression this month which was fascinating and Ollie, who gently led me through the journey will be coming along so we can share our experience from both sides. Along with discussing anything else that comes up about the metaphysical world. You can find event details HERE

Finally, the weather was good enough to get out for a nature therapy walk in June. It is such a beautiful morning of true reconnection to nature and deeply relaxing as we switch off and slow down. I will be holding the next Nature therapy walk on July 8th. Find all the details of the event HERE

Talking of nature therapy.... I have recently been out filming with the talented Clive Brooks who has created an exhibition at the New Forest Heritage Centre called "the spirit of the forest" along with other contributors you will find me talking about the benefits of reconnecting to nature and how nature is woven into every aspect of my work. The exhibition opens on July 8th and runs right through until the end of August.


..... being a 'solstice baby' just a thank you to all the kind wishes and cards that were sent my way for my Birthday, it has been a month of lots of joy and laughter with special people.

I hope to see you soon on an event. But in the meantime thank you for taking the time to read.

Warm wishes, Jen x

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