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Autumn Equinox

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

Embracing the Autumn equinox, I stepped out for a walk this morning to turn around and pick up a jumper. The morning 'nip' in the air and the dew laden foliage could not be mistaken for anything other than Mabon.

The autumn bounty weighs heavy on the trees as I dodge the dropping acorns to hear them cracking under my feet.

Suddenly over night autumn officially arrives and the forest becomes atmospheric.

Deer are on their toes as hormones start to rage.

Ponies graze the woodland rides but always look alert, just in case of thundering hooves of the drift and pigs forage the autumnal carpet with their harmonious communication of contented grunts and squeals.

Colours are changing, berries are ripening, fungi are fruiting and the light is fading, but when the sun bears down on your face (as it did on my walk) at this time of year there is something very special about it.

The forest is preparing to let go of what has served it well through the past seasons to replenish and renew in the warmth of next spring. Maybe we should take a leaf from Mother Natures book?

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