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Acknowledging Samhain.

An atmospheric wander in the sun today with friends to acknowledge samhain at Breamore.

This is a Mystical portal of land with woodland ruins, magical mizmaze, impressive yew groves and even a giants grave! I challenge anybody not to feel the beauty and wisdom in this land.

As we stood in the liminal space between the yew Grove and the open pasture that homes the longbarrow known locally as the giants grave, three hares frollocked the sacred land and a buzzard circled its territory.

This is so poignant for this time of celebration as both these beautiful creatures symbolise changing times, letting go, death and rebirth, new visions and fertility, with the three hares symbolising the connection with the spirit world and the cycle of life. You will see the three hares symbol used across time, religion and beliefs....

..... talking of which, after saying goodbye to my friends, I took a meander to the church and found some folk charms engraved into the walk from centuries gone by.

What a way to acknowledge the shifting energies, in the embrace of the low sun, good friends, ancient yews, folklore, charms and symbolism 🙏

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