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A scattering of snow ❄

Just a scattering of snow here in the New Forest and an easing of that very harsh wind on my early morning walk. The snow was dry and powdery so easy to walk on allowing that satisfying crispy, crunch underfoot in the odd place of freshly laid snow.

With the snow comes a change of atmosphere as the sounds of the forest are dulled and absorbed into the wintry carpet. So apart from the wind in the trees, nature was silent!

Incredible how a simple speckling of snow on the ground amongst the trees removes the camouflage as a herd of fallows stood perfectly still under the exposed canopy thinking they are safe, but I could pick out every detail of their warm winter coats and their breath of the chilling air in great detail with this slight adjustment in the landscape. Further on, I came across 2 ponies browsing the trees on the edge of the inclosure and 2 roe deer bouncing into the distance with ease.

Heading back, the sun was desperately trying to push through and the birds responded with a little song coming from the trees and the forest ground. As I stepped out into the open grassland I disturb an enormous buzzard that was scavenging on the ground and it took off with immense power, maybe once again the speckled white carpet enhanced its magnificence? But before long, my eye was drawn to the flash of colour from a green woodpecker flying over the landscape in its unmistakable dipping flight. It's not often I am happy to be indoors but today I was glad to get home and warm up with a hot mug of tea 🥶

Stay warm and safe my friends, heres hoping spring won't procrastinate about springing this year! 🤞🌹

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