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You are all welcome.

When it comes to spirituality, and connection to nature it seems there is a huge amount of talk about "matriarchal, women's circle, feminine energy or the power of the sisters!"

Well, I wanted to let you know, I don't care if you are male, female, or other. I don't care it you are black, white, short, tall, old, young, disabled. I don't care if you are shy, bold, or nervous. I don't care if you follow a religion, or what question you ask (no it's not a stupid question!) Or how weird you think it might sound.

What I do care about, is that you have shown up with an open heart and mind. You recognise the need for growth and change. I care that you are full of curiosity or just want to listen.

Please know, you are ALL welcome. Because I don't see your labels and gender, I see your craving soul, good heart and energetic vibration. So don't feel left out, come along, to a safe and welcoming event where I will hold space and pop on the kettle! Because, we are ALL on an evolving journey of intuition, awareness and vibration, which by the way, are beautiful and limitless, so why would I want to limit my energy field, experiences, awareness and evolution to just one, feminine vibration?

For more details of any of the events or walks 👇

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