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Winter inclosure walk in the New Forest.

Well, that blew away the cobwebs!

I had a blustery walk this afternoon to recce Tilery Road circular walk (wheelchair accessible) for Saturday.

It was quite pleasant to walk the easy inclosure tracks instead of the waterlogged landscape for a change, and this walks offers so much texture and colour amongst this mixed woodland.

I meandered between broadleaves and conifers where oak tree branches were embellished with witches butter (fungi) and the sound of the wind changed with the trees.

In a sheltered, sunny woodland edge, the southern wood ants took advantage and were busy repairing their well positioned nest.

Mosses, purple Moor grass and soft rushes created soft furnishings amongst the bare oak and beech trees, where I stood and watched a muntjac roam in the shelter of the woods. It seemed too windy for the birds to sing, but the rhythmic sound of the wind though the pine trees complimented the rush and honk of the nearby railway line.

Gorse flower shimmered like golden nuggets and my path was littered with discarded fir cones. Mossy woodland carpets were scattered with acorn cups from a squirrels bounty and damp animal tracks head into the trees.

I soon passed a log pile, that had been freshly cut and the sweet aroma was carried to me on the wind before I caught sight of the well stacked logs. While taking a lung-fulI of natures perfume, I spotted a bank vole whizzing in and out between the stacked logs.

A perfect place to shelter and feed! But before long, I found myself back amongst the open heath where the ponies were unfazed by the blustery weather, and were grateful for some sun on their backs as they grazed the sodden landscape.

A beautiful walk whatever the weather! If you would like to come along Saturday, there are still a couple of spaces available.

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